Integrating FMOD Studio 1.07.06 with Unreal Engine 4.10.2 Binary Edition

This is a simple little walk-through for Integrating FMOD Studio into an Unreal 4 project.

Downloading the stuff

If you haven't already, log in to the FMOD website [Found Here!] and proceed to the Downloads page. As of this blog post, they hide the UE4 downloads until you logon.

Scroll down until you see the UE4 section, and select the necessary download for your versions of FMOD, UE4, and the platforms you're making a game for.


Placing files in the right place

Assuming your project already exists, open up the file location of that projects, and create a new folder called "Plugins"

It'll be in the same area as the project file as shown.

In this new folder, Extract the downloads from the FMOD site. (you can ignore the .txt files if you want to)

With that done, you are now ready to set up your FMOD project to build properly for UE4.

Setting up your FMOD Project

In FMOD, go to Edit \ Preferences... \ and click on the Build Tab.

browse to the Content folder of your UE4 project, and create a folder called "FMOD"

Make this your build location.

Now with this, you are fully ready to start integrating your FMOD audio into UE4! the commands, events and bus' will now be usable in the Blueprints.